Dongshen gourd-shaped professional application foundation makeup sponge blender

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Featuring a perfectly Q-soft material, helps apply foundation more smoothly,
wet and dry way use for all kinds of foundation and powder cosmetics,
and different shapes to meet all your needs, best makeup accessories for girls and women.

Blender Shapes: Gourd
Pointed tip: Suitable for hard reach areas, such as under of eyes, corner of nose and mouth.
Curved edge and round side: Rolling apply foundation for neck, chin and cheek.
Bottom side: Perfect for forehead and some other large contouring makeup areas.

Two Ways Use Sponge:
Dry way
1. Use beauty blenders to dip powder cosmetics,
such as foundation, loose powder, blusher, highlight, eye shadow, contour shading etc.
2. Apply evenly on the sponge surface.
3. Directly stain and flutter on your face to create a natural makeup look.
Wet way
1. Soak it in warm water when you use it, after blender makeup sponges expands, squeeze out extra water.
2. Apply for milky, creamy or liquid cosmetics, such as liquid foundation, BB cream, CC cream, sunblock, makeup concealer etc,
liquid and powder better to be used separate sponges.
3. Gently moved to reduce unnecessary waste.

How to Clean:
1.Put makeup sponge into gentle soap water and press it to soaked enough water, repeat this 2-3 times, and gently rub it.(Don’t scrub too hard)
2.Squeeze out of the excess soap, and rinse it under running water until no more suds.
3.Then you can squeeze out the excess liquid, put it on the sponge holder and let it air dry.

P.s. Better to be cleaned each use to avoid bacteria.
Suggest every 1-2 months to replace it.

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