Dongshen wholesale fiber synthetic hair professional shaving brush with black plastic handle

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Dongshen wholesale fiber synthetic hair professional shaving brush with (1)

This is the best shaving tool and classic men’s beauty accessory. Each of our products is manufactured to the highest standards.
No animal product, using ultra-soft, high-quality synthetic fibers.For vegetarians, they are an excellent choice.
When using for the first time, the shaving brush may have a slight odor that will disappear after washing.

- The densely filled brush head is best for holding and distributing lather and will help soften and raise beards while gently exfoliating skin in preparation for a close, comfortable shave.
- Designed with natural hardwood handles for a comfortable feel. The brush is soft and strong, with the functions of water absorption and heat preservation. They can be used with all shaving soaps and all foams, gels or creams.
- No animal product,using ultra-soft high-quality synthetic fibers. Quick-drying, ideal for travel or home.
- For those who like traditional wet shaving, this is an ideal choice and a good gift for father, husband, boyfriend, brother and grandfather.

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Instructions for use:
Wash the brush with warm water after everyday use.
Hang the brush to dry, do not keep it wet for long.
Do not use strong disinfectants or detergents.
Package: one brush only, no stand/bowl included.

How to get the Perfect Shave:
1.In order to open the pores and clean the skin, you can use hot water to soften your beard before shaving.
2.Use shaving soap and then rub for at least 20 seconds to make it blister.
3.Gently brush the facial beard with the shaving brush to soften the beard and open the skin pores.
4.Use a razor to shave along the direction of the beard. If you shave backwards, the razor will be damaged and the beard may grow into the skin.
5.Do not press the razor heavily, otherwise it may cause damage to the razor and irritate the skin. Just slip the razor gently on your face.
6.Cleaning your face with cold water after shaving, which will help to shrink the capillaried. It is prohibited the use of any alcoholic products after shaving.
7.If you are scratched in shaving, you can use moistened clear stone or lip balm to stop bleeding.
8.Finally, please rinse the shaving brush,squeeze the water out and place the shaving brush downward on the shaving rack to dry.

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