Animal Hair and Artificial Synthetic Hair for Makeup Brushes

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(1) Animal hair makeup brush:

Animal hair is subdivided into yellow wolf hair, squirrel hair, goat hair, horse hair, pig bristles and so on. Among them, goat hair is the most common and widely used in various cosmetic brushes; gray squirrel hair is the softest, mostly used for loose powder brushes and blush brushes; yellow wolf hair has a compromise in softness and elasticity, mostly used for eyeshadow brushes; pig bristles are the hardest , Mostly used as eyebrow powder brush.

Of course, animal hair makeup brushes are more expensive, among which horse hair and goat hair are moderately priced, and yellow wolf tail hair is the best makeup brush hair, and the price is quite expensive. Moreover, it is difficult to maintain, has weak antibacterial ability, and is difficult to take care of. Every cleaning will destroy the hair scales and damage the makeup bristles, thereby reducing the service life of the makeup brush.

(2) Artificial synthetic hair makeup brushes:

Artificial synthetic hair includes fiber wool and nylon wool. It is smooth and has no flakes. It has weak powder grip and does not absorb the product too much. When using liquid foundation, lip gloss, blush cream, concealer and other wet products, it is best to choose artificial synthetic hair, which can give full play to the moisturizing properties of these products.

Artificial synthetic hair has no edges and pits, so it is flatter, less powdery, easier to clean and save, not easy to damage, more durable, long service life, and cost-effective.

Now that the technology is more and more mature, the fiber hair is widely used in all kinds of makeup brushes, and the softness of the fiber hair is getting higher and higher. Common loose powder brushes, blush brushes, eye shadow brushes and other fiber hair materials, softness and powder grab Compared with animal hair, the difference is getting smaller and smaller.

What kind of makeup brush is considered a good makeup brush? The makeup brush that suits you is a good makeup brush. Because what is suitable for others is not suitable for yourself, so don’t blindly follow the trend. Even if the best makeup brush does not have a good product and a good technique, it will not work. You should choose a makeup brush according to the nature and texture of the product you use, and your face shape.

Post time: Jul-14-2021