Do you know the precautions in shaving?

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First thing: choose to shave in the morning

Early morning is the best time to shave. During sleep, due to the accelerated metabolism, the sebaceous glands secrete vigorously, which makes the hair grow rapidly. After a “crazy” night, the morning is the best time to “cut down”. Moreover, the skin is relaxed at this time, and shaving can also reduce the chance of being scratched.

Second thing: taboo shaving from different directions

The beard grows every day, and it can’t be shaved at once. However, you don’t need to attack the beard from all directions. The result is that you can only shave your beard too short, and you will eventually form a shaved beard.

Third thing: Don’t shave before bathing

The skin just after shaving has a lot of minimal invasiveness that is invisible to the naked eye and is more sensitive. Take a bath immediately. The stimulation of body wash, shampoo and hot water can easily cause discomfort or even redness in the shaved area.

Fourth thing: Don’t shave before exercising

During exercise, the blood circulation of the body is accelerated, and a large amount of sweat will irritate the skin you have just scratched, causing discomfort and even infection.

Fifth thing: The 26-degree shaving rule

The skin should be tightened when shaving to reduce the resistance when the razor runs on the skin. Then apply an appropriate amount of shaving soap, first scrape from the sideburns, cheeks and neck, followed by the chin. The ideal angle is about 26 degrees, and scrape back is minimized.

Sixth thing: Don’t shave the hair particles

Although shaving particles will shave more cleanly, they tend to irritate the skin to form hairs.

Seventh thing: Don’t pull the ingrown beard

Do not pull it out with tweezers, pull it out carefully, shave it off with a razor, and then moisturize the skin with aftershave and aftershave lotion.

Eighth thing: nursing is more important than shaving

The skin in the “beard area” is more drier than other parts. Every day’s shaving, no matter how skillful and careful the action, will inevitably produce irritation. At this time, aftershave care is particularly important. The correct shaving procedures are: basic shaving procedures, post-shave care, and basic skin care procedures.

Post time: Aug-25-2021