How to trim and maintain beard using men’s beard brush set

beard brush set

The masculine temperament of a man, I am afraid, will first think of a masculine beard. It seems that this is a sign of decent urban men.
On the one hand, beard symbolizes masculinity, on the other hand, beard can bring more charm to men. How should a man’s beard be trimmed with a beard brush set?

How to trim your beard:
1. The main tools for trimming beards are a beard brush, a fine-tooth beard comb and an elbow beard trimmer.
2. When trimming the beard, you should first use a beard brush to smooth the beard, and then use a beard comb and scissors to trim the irregular beard to maintain the shape of the beard. Generally speaking, the lower edge of the upper lip beard should be neat.
3. If you want to change the shape of the beard, you can trim off the unnecessary part with a beard clipper, taking care not to damage the inside of the beard.
4. Do not trim your beard from the inside out.
5. If you want to be faster, it is obviously an absolute advantage to use a razor to trim your beard. It also has a variety of accessories that can be used to help fix the thick beard. It is much more convenient to use than combs and scissors, but the styling There is no personality that comes with scissors.

Care after trimming your beard:
1. Keep your beard clean. Wash your beard with a beard brush every day to prevent dust and dirt from polluting your beard and skin.
2. Apply a small amount of moisturizer with a beard brush, which can help you maintain the gloss of your beard.
3. It is said that men will grow about 6000 to 25000 beards after adulthood, and they will grow 0.4cm every day, which means you need to trim them regularly.
4. Don’t pull out the beard. You should know that only the hair shaft and roots are pulled out. The beard can still grow out. Pulling out the beard can easily damage the facial skin, hair follicles and adjacent sebaceous glands. Bacteria attached to the surface of the skin will take advantage of the deficiency and cause inflammation of the hair follicles and sebaceous glands to form boils.
5. The razor can only be used by yourself, otherwise it is easy to cross-contagious diseases; sometimes you may start to shave too hard, shave too hard, and cause bleeding on the face. At this time, use a small group of clean cotton or paper towel to hold the wound firmly For 2 minutes, apply some hemostatic ointment.
6. After shaving or trimming the beard, use some aftershave milk, which generally has calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-aging effects, making the skin soft and smooth, moisturizing and soothing the tingling sensation on the face after shaving.

Post time: Jul-21-2021