Should I use the foundation brush first or the concealer brush first?

1. Skin care before makeup
Before makeup, you must perform the most basic skin care work before applying makeup. After washing your face, it will moisturize and moisturize the facial skin. This is for the dry weather to cause powder loss and make the makeup more delicate. Then apply barrier cream or sunscreen, if you don’t stay outdoors often, choose one. If necessary, you can also apply eye cream around the eyes.

2. Put on foundation
In order to make your makeup closer to your skin tone, you must carefully choose the foundation that is closest to your skin tone before applying makeup, and then naturally apply a thin layer of foundation to your face with your hands or a foundation brush (after taking When using cream or liquid foundation, you can dip it in a circular motion). You need to pay special attention to the uniformity of the foundation on the nose, corners of the mouth, etc. You can apply it with a cotton pad.
When applying liquid foundation or cream foundation, the makeup brush head should be opened from the inside to the outside with the eyes as the center, and the makeup should be applied horizontally along the texture of the skin until the color of the foundation is not visible. After applying the liquid foundation on the face, use a makeup sponge to even out the makeup on the face.

makeup brush tool

3. Concealer
Observe carefully. If there are blemishes (acne marks, fine lines, coarse pores) that need to be covered on your face, you can use foundation to apply the foundation twice to cover the acne marks, or use a makeup sponge or the belly of your fingers. Apply concealer. For dark circles, you can choose a concealer. After applying it with a makeup brush, push it away with your fingers to distribute it naturally and evenly.

4. Loose powder setting
After applying foundation and concealer, remember to apply the powder on the whole face, use the puff to dip a small amount of powder and gently press it on the face. Spread evenly across the face. After that, you can use mineral water spray to finalize the makeup, and then press the face with absorbent tissues to take away excess water and floating powder.

Post time: Aug-31-2021