What is the difference between makeup puff and beauty blender?

Why should you choose a Dongshen makeup sponge in your makeup routine?

All Dongshen makeup sponges are made of non-latex materials, which have a super soft & bouncy feel.
Dongshen makeup blender can provide you with a smooth and even look, as well as it’s suitable for various cosmetics.
Fully soak Dongshen sponge, squeeze out excess water, the wet one will absorb minimal your favorite cosmetics, and you will feel the next level elasticity & softness.
Premium materials, outstanding design and excellent makeup experience attract most buyers love them.

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Makeup Sponge Beauty Blender

1. The makeup sponge blender is more docile than triangular sponge, and the makeup feels fine and does not leave traces.
2. The makeup sponge blender does not waste products, and does not eat base makeup. (Friends who use triangular sponges should find that at least half of the products are sucked away by the sponge, which is to be wasted. Makeup brush is a little better, but it also tastes base makeup.)
3. The makeup feel can be very clear, compliant and thin.
4. Makeup sponge stirrer for wet and dry purposes. (You can use it to dip powder, liquid foundation, cream foundation, etc. after it is wet.)
5. The makeup sponge blender can be used repeatedly. (it is not a problem to use it for a few months if it is well maintained.)

1. The price is 3-4 times that of ordinary sponge, which is really a bit expensive, and it will not work after a few months.
2. It is difficult to clean, after all, a lot of make-up remains on it.

Makeup Puff

The primer sponge must be used wet. Since it absorbs more foundation, it is more suitable for use with foundation cream and foundation cream.
Advantages: easy to use, can be applied on the whole face, and can also be concealed with a spot shot.

Disadvantages: The absorption is relatively large, and it is more suitable for use with foundation cream and foundation cream.

Recommendation: Sponge is easier to hide dirt, please pay attention to the cleanliness of the sponge. Remember to replace the sponge with a new one after using it.

Post time: Sep-02-2021